Funding Programs

How to apply for Trust Arts & Culture Grant Programs

Managed by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance

The Columbia Basin Trust arts and culture funding cycle, administered and managed by the CKCA, is annual. Information and application forms for the 2020-21 funding cycle is expected to be available mid-January of 2020.
Information on this page is from the previous funding cycle of 2019-20 (now closed, with the exception of ArtStarts). This information is provided to give you a general sense of the funding programs, but all programs and policies are subject to change prior to the January launch.

For 2019-20, CKCA managed grant programs are focused on arts & culture support. Heritage organizations that were previously supported through CKCA programming are directed to contact the Trust, who provide funding support to protect heritage assets and support heritage, museum and archive work throughout the region in partnership with Heritage BC. You can learn more about these programs at

All funding programs delivered by the CKCA are funded by the Trust.

Step 1

Read the current CKCA 2019-20 Arts & Culture Funding Programs Brochure to decide which program best fits your project idea. To be eligible for CKCA funding, the primary emphasis of project proposals must be arts & culture. Projects cannot occur until June 1, 2019. Not all project ideas will necessarily be eligible for funding.

Step 2

Read the 2019-20 Primary Funding Policies and Guidelines. This document outlines general policies and guidelines applicable to all CKCA funding programs.

Step 3

Review the policies and guidelines / application for the program you are interested in (scroll down the page for links). Applications are now in an online application format for all programs except Arts Funding to Communities, which is available in Adobe PDF format below. Click here for the CKCA Online Application Guide.

Step 4

If you have any questions, please look at the FAQ page. If your question is not answered there, please contact the CKCA office for assistance.

Step 5

Complete the application form for the program you wish to apply for. Application forms must be submitted online except for Arts Funding to Communities, which must be submitted as a paper form. All applications (hard copy and online) must be submitted before the application deadline for that program. Late or incomplete applications will not be funded. Applications will only be accepted as outlined under “Deadlines”; fax or e-mail applications will not be accepted.



Applications will only be accepted before the applicable funding deadline by the methods outlined below.

APPLICATION DEADLINE for Arts Funding for Communities: 5:00 pm local time on Friday, March 1, 2019

APPLICATION DEADLINE for all other CKCA grant programs: 5:00 pm PDST on Friday, March 15, 2019

ArtStarts Creative Spark has different application deadlines and applications are submitted to ArtStarts in Schools.



IMPORTANT! Read the Online Application Guide before starting an online application. DO NOT use your browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge etc.) to edit fillable PDF forms – use Acrobat Reader only or your edits will not save. More details are in the guide.



Application forms for 2020-21 Arts & Culture Grant Programs will be posted when the program opens (mid – January 2020).

ArtStarts Creative Spark

Please contact ArtStarts in Schools at or Emily Beam at ArtStarts in Schools at or 1-855-292-7826 ext. 110



To edit your “in progress / draft” applications started for this year, or to view requests already “submitted” through the online application portal:

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Sign in and select (in the drop down box on the R, above the teal bar – see screen shot):
    • “In progress applications” to edit draft applications which have not been submitted
    • “Submitted applications” to view previously submitted applications


If you applied online:

  1. Locate your required documents – these were e-mailed to you along with your acceptance letter. Example: Funding Contribution Agreement, Installment Request Form, or Final Report Form
  2. Complete the document
  3. Log into your account at
  4. Sign in and select “submitted” in the drop down box (lower L)
  5. Click on the application name, then click “requirements” (upper R)
  6. For more details and tips, read the Online Application Guide

ONLY if you applied in hard copy through the Arts Funding to Communities:

  1. Locate your required documents – these were mailed to you along with your acceptance letter. Example: Funding Contribution Agreement, Installment Request Form, or Final Report Form
  2. Complete the document
  3. Mail the document to the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance, or scan the document and email the attachment to: Ensure you put your file number and the type of document in the “subject” line.