CKCA COVID-19 Update


This is an update regarding COVID-19 global pandemic impacts on the Columbia Basin Trust arts and cultural funding programs, managed by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.

COVID-19 continues to have significant impacts, locally and globally, with sweeping changes to our daily lives and communities. We appreciate that changing regulations and uncertainty with timelines may have significant impacts on arts and cultural projects, especially those that require travel, people working together, or have public engagement as a component of their grant activities. It is imperative that we all comply with government directives and regulations to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

CKCA funding cannot be used for any activities that contravene government guidelines and regulations. As a result, we will be flexible with project completion and reporting timelines, and recognize that some project activities may have to change. We are committed to working with funding recipients to find solutions in response to this crisis. This will take additional time.

If you applied for CKCA 2020/21 funding in March (UPDATED):

The CKCA is continuing with processing the current funding intake. As outlined below, once projects are approved the CKCA will be flexible in working with grantees regarding completion and reporting deadlines as well as project changes in response to COVID-19 protocols.

As a result of significant changes to working locations / conditions, grant processing, and adjudication logistics in response to COVID-19, we anticipate 2020-21 funding approvals will be released early in July (approx 3-4 weeks later than normal).

If you have an approved CKCA grant which is:

If you have not done so already, please submit your Final Report as per the original directions in your acceptance package. If you face any barriers, please e-mail wkracassistant@telus.netfor guidance.

In Progress
Please only contact the CKCA regarding significant changes, such as cancellations, adjustments in scope, or dates of activities significantly beyond the original project end date.

Minor adjustments to your plans as a result of COVID-19 that can be accommodated within the scope and within a similar timeline of the original proposal, do not require approval and should simply be outlined in your Final Report.

If your remaining project plans are not compliant with government COVID-19 protocols, or the COVID-19 protocols are creating significant barriers to completion at this time, you may need to request a project extension, a change in scope / activities, or both.

CKCA is recommending a minimum of 6 month extensions, and are also open to alternatives and innovations in collaborations and presentation, such as using online methods to engage with project participants or community. If taking your project engagement online, you may list your online exhibition or event for free on: Kootenay Arts E-bulletin and BC Culture Online to help get the word out.

To discuss or request an extension or significant changes, please email as follows:

Please note: Response times will be slower than usual because of staff working offsite, the volume of inquiries, and the processing of the current year funding applications. Normal response time is 4-6 weeks. While we are processing the current adjudications it will be more like 6-8 weeks minimum.


Columbia Basin Culture Tour

The latest information about the status of the Columbia Basin Culture Tour is available on the Columbia Basin Culture Tour website.

Resources and Funding Information

Please visit the CKCA website to access COVID-19 resources and funding information for artists, cultural workers and organizations, including risk assessment for event planning, and online tools to report losses to let governments know the impacts and the needs of the cultural community. For the latest news, visit the Kootenay Arts E-bulletin.